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The Sex Toy Some Women Are Using to Get Pregnant

It can be used solo or with a partner (and a harness, if you so choose)—to conceive, for pleasure, or both. Stephanie's baby daughter, Isabella, born in March 2014, is a testament to the ...

Can you get pregnant by toys | Answers from Doctors | HealthTap

Can you get pregnant by toys A 18-year-old female asked: I don't know if this is medical or not. but i'm wondering if it's possible to get pregnant even if you're not ovulating. i learned that if you have unprotected sex, no matter what day of the month it is, you will get pregnant.

9 Sex Toy Mistakes You Might Be Making | SELF

The best thing about sex toys is that you can pretty much use them in whatever way brings you pleasure. It’s your body, so you get to pick what toys to use and how: the shape, the type of touch ...

9 Household Items That Can Double as Sex Toys – SheKnows

The sex toy industry is a billion-dollar market with countless makes, models and modes designed to maximize pleasure and boost your sex life. Yet some of the very first sex toys we’re exposed to ...

Using a Vibrator During Pregnancy - Masturbating While Pregnant

To prevent UTIs, make sure to wash your toys well and pee after using a vibrator, just like you're supposed to after sex. 12. Small amounts of bleeding are normal.

Here’s how much sex you should have if you want to make a baby

Couples trying for a baby have sex an average of 78 times before becoming pregnant, a new study reveals. Typically, it takes a total of 185 days from deciding to conceive to getting a positive preg…

41 Weirdest Sex Toys (2021) | Heavy.com

What's the weirdest toy you can think of? I guarantee this list has got that beat. Take a tour of the odd and wild with the 41 weirdest sex toys you can buy.

7 things you should NEVER do with your sex toy

An astounding 40% of Brits believe that sex toys can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Even if they could (which they can't), for the love of God, please stop. Whether it's food juice on your toy or ...

14 Household Objects That Vibrate, Feel Like A Tongue, & More

And nobody has to be left out of the equation: Couples can even use these makeshift sex toys to get off together. In fact, many do — according to a 2018 survey of 976 people, 70% of women have ...

Trusted Sex Doll Store Online | HYDOLL.COM

A sex doll (also a love doll or blowup doll) is a type of anthropomorphic sex toy in the size and shape of a sexual partner. The sex doll may consist of an entire body with a face, or just a head, pelvis, or other partial body, with the accessories (vagina, anus, mouth, penis) for sexual stimulation.