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Rehabilitation of Third- and Fourth-Degree Perineal Tears

Rehabilitation of Anal Incontinence o Biofeedback is the most universally recognized for treatment of anal incontinence (Norton 2008) o Biofeedback can consist of sEMG, rectal balloon training, or sensory retraining o Possible dietary modifications o Proper skin care rdPreventative Rehabilitation of 3 and 4th Degree Perineal Tears

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Perineal Rehabilitation, prior an accurate diagnosis, nowadays has more and more become the first therapy choice, since: it is of documented effectiveness (success in 80-95% of cases) it has no side effects. it is painless. there is no need to take any medication. it can be repeated.

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Perineal rehabilitation is a specialized field of physiotherapy that addresses issues related to the perineal region. A consultation in perineal rehabilitation does not require a medical prescription, since the patients can present themselves in direct access. However, your gynecologist or family doctor may also refer you.

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The objective of perineal and pelvic rehabilitation is to help the person develop adequate functioning of the urinary, anorectal system, and/or a painless perineal area. Here are the treatments used: Complete evaluation which might necessitate vaginal or anal examination (with fingers);

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Post-partum laxative use showed less painful bowel motion and earlier postnatal discharge. Data concerning rehabilitation were contradictory. The rate of anal incontinence 6 months after vaginal delivery were 3.6% following third degree of perineal tear and 30.8% in case of fourth degree of perineal tear.

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Abdominal perineal resection (APR) APR is a surgery that’s done to treat anal or rectal cancer. To remove the cancer, your surgeon will remove all of the following: The lower part of your colon; Your rectum; Your anus; An APR can be done using different techniques. Your surgeon will talk with you about which options are right for you.

The management of perineal wounds

Specific risk factors such as operative perineal wound management, the use of preoperative radiation therapy (XRT), and indications for surgery (e.g., rectal cancer, anal cancer, or inflammatory bowel disease) have been shown to influence perineal wound healing. Preoperative XRT is routinely used for low rectal and anal cancer, and ...

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In terms of classification of anal sphincter injuries, the following is recommended (note the different levels at grade 3: - 1st degree tear: injury to the perineal skin and/or the vaginal mucosa - 2nd degree tear: injury to the perineum involving the perineal muscles but not involving the anal sphincter.

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Perineal and Pelvic Rehabilitation is an area of physiotherapy that evaluates and treats problems related to the perineal and pelvic cavity which includes the genitals, the pelvic floor muscles, the anorectal region and the coccyx. This discipline is often associated with women's health, but can also help many problems in men. Given the nature of the problems, the evaluation and treatment of pathologies often includes palpation of the intra-vaginal and/or intra-anal musculature.